1. Watch Savages' full set at Chicago's Lincoln Hall, from WBEZ's Sound Opinions.

  2. wbezmusic:

    This might be the best performance ever done on Sound Opinions. Divine Fits cover Rowland S. Howard’s “Shivers.”

    True heads probably already know the history of this song, but the story was new to me. Rowland S. Howard wrote it when he was 16, but it was released as a single after he joined The Boys Next Door, an Australian band fronted by Nick Cave. They went on to become the legendary Birthday Party, though eventually tension between Cave and Howard contributed to breaking up the band. “Shivers” is widely considered one of Australia’s greatest cult hits, though it was banned from radio play due to the suicide reference in the first verse.

    Howard went on to a long career in music, though he died of liver cancer in 2009.

    As great as the original is, I have to say that Divine Fits have done it better.

  3. wbezmusic:

    My favorite thing about this video of OFF! performing on Sound Opinions (airing this weekend!) is that Keith Morris’ explanation of what the song is about is actually longer than the song.