1. "The song that really kicked everything off, and made people listen and say ‘Right, this is a different sound,’ has got to be The Dust Brothers’ "Chemical Beats." That record singlehandedly created the sound. It wasn’t a totally new concept — the idea was to make a dance record that was slower, because a lot of dance music at that time was quite fast. It was refreshing to hear a breakbeat with an acid riff and a hip-hop influence. It was so simple, it didn’t need anything else, just the builds and the drops. When you’ve got just a drum break and an acid riff kicking off, you’ve got so much space for all of the sounds to feel massive in the mix. I still love that tune, and I still play it now."

    —Liam Howlett of The Prodigy on “Chemical Beats” by The Dust Brothers (known now as The Chemical Brothers)

    The Big Beat Revolution: 11 Essential Songs