1. Chained to your desk all day? Then stand up! It’s one of many Twitter- and Tumblr-friendly public service announcements provided by web producer Mel Kramer at WHYY’s Fresh Air on a daily basis since that health segment first ran in March. And now after six years in public radio, she’s going to med school full-time. But don’t worry, Mel isn’t leaving public radio for good — you can catch her contributing to NPR’s health blog Shots in the near future.

    As a tearful see-ya-around to Mel, I’ve compiled a soundtrack to Stand Up! There are many songs all sharing the title “Stand” (R.E.M., Sly & the Family Stone, Motorhead, Rascall Flatts), “Stand Up” (Minor Threat, Al Green, Ludacris, um… One Direction), and, of course, “Stand by Me,” “Stand by Your Man,” and, for the anthropophobic, “Don’t Stand So Close to Me.” Good luck, Mel! —Lars

    (Source: Spotify)