1. 40 Songs About Meat: You don’t realize how many ska songs there are about food (spam and hot dogs, in particular, because, you know, it’s funny) until you make a list like this one. But when I asked earlier today for songs about meat, y’all spanned the spectrum — from fried chicken adoration (Charles Mingus, Merle Travis) to questionable concoctions (“Pork Soda,” “Meatshake”) to randy metaphors (the NSFW “Kielbasa” by Tenacious D and “Steak for Chicken” by The Moldy Peaches).

    And to be fair (and technical — I never said the songs had to be about eating meat), there are a few pro-veggie songs thrown in: “Meat is Murder” by The Smiths (of course), “Beef” by Boogie Down Productions, “Meat is Still Murder” by Propagandhi, and others. Stayed tuned to Morning Edition as they continue Meat Week, including a segment tomorrow on the cost of eating meat.

    (Source: Spotify)