1. What’s the best song that you heard this week?

    I feel like a lot happened in the music world this week. Or maybe I was just more aware of what was going on due to my obsessive #musicdiary2012 cataloging. In any case, I want to know the absolute best song that you heard this week. The song can be brand new to the Internet, an old song brand new to you, a song you’ve re-discovered from your past. I’ll make a Spotify playlist of your picks for the weekend. 

    I’ll start: I finally saw the Doug Aitkin’s Song 1 installation at the Hirshhorn Museum here in Washington, D.C., with some friends. It’s a 360 audio/visual art piece wrapped around the museum and centered around variations of the standard, “I Only Have Eyes for You.” I’d always loved the song as a child of oldies radio, but never thought of how profound, hopeful and simultaneously chilling it is. Beck, No Age, Devendra Banhart and others contribute different versions of the song, but my favorite featured a lonely pedal steel guitar, capturing the driftwoods of longing. Problem is, I have no idea who performs it. So for the purposes of linkage, the best song I heard all week was the version of “I Only Have Eyes for You” that The Flamingos made famous in 1959.

    (If you’re in D.C., there’s a concert tonight at the Hirshhorn featuring No Age, Nicolas Jaar, High Places, and more, which you can watch live here.)